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The animal-human bond is what binds us to our furry family members. The moment on the left is when Chloe "picked" Nelson at an adoption event. The way she's leaning into his chest speaks volumes about this dog's first moments with Nelson. She's a warm wonderful companion dog. 

There are many things that affect the animal-human-bond, but the bedrock of this union is good, respectful communication between the two species. It's astonishing how many people think their dogs should do what is asked of them when the dogs have never been effectively trained to do what is being asked. Many people think saying something to the dog repeatedly with the dog responding occasionally is proof the dog "knows" what is being asked. Maybe, but maybe not. In the end, the human has the more advanced brain. Therefore, if the dog is not as proficient as the human would like when asked to do something, it's up to the human to make changes first, not the dog. 

Relationships that are worth their weight in gold take investment. The animal-human-bond is no different. When effectively trained, your dog will listen to you and do what you are asking because you have put sweat-equity into that relationship and you have truly taught the dog what to do and how to do it when asked. Dogs and people who train together using reward-based training methods create amazing bonds because the training is fun for the dog and for the human. The best relationships are those that are beneficial for both parties involved and keep the animal-human bond strong. Win-win. - Lisa Matthews, CDBC, CPDT-KA