Private Training 


We have several purchase options to fit your needs. Lessons can be purchased individually or in a package for discounts.
We accept credit, debit and cash payments only. No personal checks.
Private lesson training is per hour, not per dog. So if you have more than one furry friend who needs help, you are covered! 

Single Lessons @ $129
Package of 3 Lessons @ $359
Package of 5 Lessons @ $579
Package of 7 Lessons @ $779
Package of 10 Lessons @ $1,079

Click HERE to find which trainer serves your area and for contact information. 

Behavior Cases

Some cases of with varying degrees of fear, anxiety, and aggression components may require a behavior assessment before we can begin training with you. Call 404-353-2416 # 1 for a Free Behavior Consultation and speak to IAABC Certified Canine Behavior Consultant Lisa Matthews to determine if an assessment is necessary. Need is determined on a case-by-case basis. 

Click HERE for more information and please watch the dog body language video.